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By jiggergolf, May 8 2013 04:08PM

Good afternoon All!

Since my last blog I have been working hard on my fitness and swing to enable me to be in good shape for the new season.

It has been a long hard process and over the last 9 months having looked at all aspects of my game with Mark. It is only now that I am starting to feel a little more comfortable with my swing and more importantly the changes to my technique to zero out my swing path.

It has proven to be a pretty hard task and Winter, having to practise in weather that I never thought I would never do so. Snow, rain, hail, frost, you name it, I have been out in it so I hope everyone has enjoyed the recent few days of spring/summer and long may this continue!

I am currently looking for sponsors for the new season. If you are interested and would like more details about sponsoring, please use the ‘contact me’ page. Any support, however large or small, will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for reading, good luck and happy golfing.